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Breaker Gathering Leader
Rodney Orsborn

We advance the Kingdom of God in the earth by creating regional and local gatherings for the purpose of bringing community and relationship among people in the midst of a revival atmosphere through a Breaker Anointing in teaching God's Word and through the demonstration of His power!

The tangible presence of God and His demonstration of power is evident in our Breaker Gatherings to restore vision, direction, purpose, and hope to all who need it.

The Breaker Gathering is an appointed time to seek Gods Favor for a fresh start and new beginning. It represents a First-fruit dedication of time, to meet with God for a Breakthrough.

Throughout scripture the First-fruit principle carried tremendous blessing and set the course for Favor and Breakthrough.

This Breaker anointing creates an energized atmosphere for Joyful Celebration, Divine Revelation, Fellowship, and Worship with Elevated Sound and Movement; This is an appointed time to experience Deliverance, Rest, and Freedom in Finances.

To host a Breaker Gathering, or to invite Rodney to your gathering submit the form request below.


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Master's Arrow Ministries | P.O. Box 52193 Amarillo,TX 79159 | Mon-Fri 10:00am - 3:00pm | 806-356-0092